The Structural Engineers Association of Illinois (SEAOI) was founded in 1965 to advance and advocate excellence in structural engineering and to aid in safeguarding the public. In 2015, SEAOI celebrated 50 years of living out their mission in Illinois.


After having learned about the websites Aeronet created for the Structural Engineers Associations of Northern California and the full state-wide California association, SEAOI decided to explore having Aeronet redesign and re-tool their site.  SEAOI needed their members to be able to easily sign up for events, renew membership, learn about volunteer opportunities, post job listings and much more.  The site also needed to act as a recruiting tool to encourage new members and non-member participation in SEAOI events and activities.  And naturally, given the prevalence of members using the site from their tablets and smart phones, making the site mobile-friendly was a high priority.

our solution

Aeronet's solution is a visual celebration of the Chicago skyline and a great reflection of the proud history of great buildings in Illinois.  The new website adapts seamlessly to mobile device usage by leveraging "Reponsive" layout techniques.  

Built using Drupal 7 with the Drupal RedHen CRM in the background, this site allows SEAOI to easily manage their entire association's activities from one user-friendly interface.  Site users are now able to learn about, register and pay for events, purchase publications, post paid job listings, pay member dues and much more.  A customized member dashboard allows members to quickly see the most important information on their membership and activities.  


The new SEAOI website reflects the spirit of it's members and the state of Illinois while providing staff and members a much more capable website platform for delivering services online to members and non-members alike.  Content within the site is much easier to maintain and update, both for SEAOI staff and members.  Member profiles are managed by members themselves.  Events, page content, job postings, publications and more are set up and managed by SEAOI staff without external assistance from Aeronet.