How to Enter Your Own Events

The Community Calendar gives you the opportunity to submit events directly to our Jazz Calendar. There is no fee for using the calendar, but you must login to the JSO ™ website using your assigned username and password. To receive your login credentials, send a request to asking for a Community Calendar account and include your name and email address.

We ask that you only submit events specifically related to Jazz music and performances. All submitted events must include at least the event title, start date, start time and venue. Submitted events are reviewed by our calendar administrator prior to publication, so there will be some delay before they appear on our website. Events that are incomplete or unrelated to Jazz will not be published.

NOTE: Submissions must be received by the 20th of the month to be included in the next issue of JazzScene magazine.

How to Use the Community Calendar

Under the Calendar menu at the top of the screen, you will find Community Events. Hovering over Community Events reveals two additional options: Add My Event and List My Events.

Add My Event

To add a new event to the JSO calendar, choose Add Events. A form will open allowing you to enter your information. Here are some hints on the form fields:

  • Event Title–this is the main title of the event, which will appear in the calendar and serve as the heading for the detailed listing.
  • Event Description–this can be any detail about the event that you would like to add. You can use the usual WordPress editing tools to underline, italicize, boldface, etc. You can add an image by clicking on the Event Image/Choose File button and selecting a file to upload.
  • Event Date and Time–click in the Start Date field to open a pop-up calendar. Then set the Start Time. Make sure to set AM or PM correctly. Usually the End Date is the same as the Start Date, and this is the default, so usually you don’t need to enter the End Date. You do not need to enter an End Time, but you can if you want to specify that (if you don’t enter anything, the End Time will simply not be shown.
  • Recurring Events–If you have a regularly repeating event, you can set recurrence rules to specify that, similar to your own Outlook, Google or iCalendar app. First input the Start Date and Time (and optionally an End Time) for the first event in the series (the End Date will usually be the same as the Start Date). Then click on Schedule Multiple Events and specify if the event repeats Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, or only repeats once. You can set some other details (the form will give you options), and you can set an End Date for the series. Note that if you set the event series to Never End, the Event Calendar will only create one year’s worth of events initially. It will add more events as it goes through the year to maintain a year’s worth of future events. It will also automatically remove the passed events.
  • Venue Details–you can select a venue that is already in our database by clicking the down arrow to the right of the Use Saved Venue button and selecting a venue (type the first few letters of the venue in the search box to find the one you’re looking for). If your venue is not in the database, you can add it by filling in all the venue information in the form. You must at least include the full venue address for the event to be accepted. You can also include the phone number and website URL.


  • Organizer–you can skip this section.
  • Event Website–if there is a website for the event itself (separate from the venue), you can enter it here.
  • Cost–entry or cover charge for the event (per person).

When all your information has been entered, click the Submit Event button at the bottom of the form. Once the event has been saved, you will go back to a page that says “Event Submitted (Edit).” If you want to make a change ot the event you just entered, you can click on the word “Edit” and the form will re-open with the last event entered,

You can click “Submit Another Event” if you have more events to enter, or you can click on the “My Events” button (see below).

List My Events

After you have entered all your events, click on the My Events button to see a list of all the events that you have entered. This will only show your events, not events entered by other users. Under each event, you can click on View, Edit or Delete to view the event as it will appear on the website, or to make changes. The “Display” button allows you to choose what event details will appear in the list.

Keep in mind that all events entered are pending review by the events calendar administrator, so they will not appear on the JSO calendar immediately. Questions or corrections should be addressed to

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